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Trust Invest Capital is one of the world’s most excellent independent active investment management firms, focused on delivering attractive risk-adjusted performance for our clients.

We aim to maximize shareholder returns by delivering attractive, risk-adjusted returns for clients and by operating and allocating capital efficiently.

We are an active investment administration firm focused on delivering engaging performance and client portfolio solutions, expanding the latest technology across our business to help ensure we stay at the forefront of our evolving industry.



Trust Invest Capital corporate entities are classified in multiple jurisdictions worldwide, putting the firm at the forefront of today’s complex global investment landscape. In this environment, our compliance and legal functions have a simple aim: to ensure that doing the right thing is the easiest and most effective way of operating. In an ever-changing regulatory landscape, we are committed to effectively combining accountability with high organizational performance.

Established in 1997, Trust Invest Capital is a leading global alternative investment administration, specializing in long/short equity backed by the Real estate. We combine fundamental investing with methodical and quantitative tactics to deliver gains from a range of investment solutions. We are one of the USA most excellent alternative asset directors with clients in Europe, the United States, and Hong Kong focussed on delivering attractive risk-adjusted performance for our clients.


In a challenging industry we seek to be contentious by bringing together people from diverse backgrounds and providing them with the methods, data, technology, and work environment they need to succeed. Our culture enables innovative ideas to surface from all areas of the firm and to be executed quickly. Our approach has driven many areas of the firm to improve efficiency, and critical methods and controls.


We invest in the people and manners to support our aim of achieving the highest standards in acquiescence. Our legal teams are located across all the firm’s jurisdictions, to help ensure that we fully recognize the context and impact of varying conditions. We exercise a ‘three lines of resistance model’ to ensure our employees have the versatility to create solutions applicable to our clients’ needs, but to do this in a suitably controlled environment. We believe that this introduces a culture of compliance into all personnel. This is consonant with our pledge to run our business to the raised standards, and for the long term.




  • International client base with clients in more than 20 countries 

  • Specialized trust services for capital markets financing structures 

  • Domestic and global institutional custody services 

  • Customized institutional investment capacities 

  • Clients in all 50 states and various other countries 

  • Planning, investment management, trust, and estate services

  • Industry-recognized leaders in trusts, planning, and investments 

  • Expertise in finding innovative solutions to complex situations

  • Asset protection

  • Securities processing and covenant

  • Comprehensive reporting

  • Online statements and account access

  •  Proxy and corporate action processing

  •  Daily capital sweep

  •  Practice interfaces

  •  Annual SSAE 16 report

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